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— Heartland Reviews —

This is a classic Hollywood thriller [...] it reads like “The Dirty Dozen” meets “Indiana Jones.” The pace is non-stop. There is action, violence, romance, secret codes, Nazi threats [and] an excellent mix of flawed characters.


— Book Pleasures —

Vilk’s version of Golem is cleverly conceived with his nifty balancing of the elements of the supernatural and legend. As the author has worked in the past as director of visual effects on such movies as Lord Of The Rings, Shrek, Day After Tomorrow, and Aeon Flux, his vivid, graphic and sinister scenes powerfully reflect his brilliant talents. Harrowing scenes of what the Rangers discover will indeed keep you awake at night, as they encounter a violent and brainless beast that massacres every human being that dares to enter into its path, including several of the Germans and the American Rangers. Apocalyptic visions will without doubt be evoked when you read how an SS squad was glued to the ceiling with frozen blood, or that “their bodies were twisted, their limbs bent at strange angles, like figurines in a medieval Dance of the Dead.”

— Poddy Mouth blog —

Wow. Seriously: wow.

I want you to take all of the "joy" and "excitement" you had for THE DA VINCI CODE and apply it to Greg Vilk's GOLEM.

This book goes above and beyond the tricks and links to history (as in DA VINCI) and takes it one level higher (literally: there are ciphers in the book that you can try to decode. In fact, Vilk is giving away $100 on his site for anyone who can crack the cipher listed there.)

GOLEM takes place during World War II—in Greenland—where a U.S. Rangers unit is deployed to take down a hidden (obviously!) Nazi base. But when the rangers arrive, they find the Nazis have been slaughtered--all but one, and this lone survivor is telling stories of seeing ghosts in the landscape. Sounds crazy. But is he?

What the rangers find is incredibly wild, original and a blast from start to finish.

Vilk writes with a language that is rich yet easy to digest, a decided talent. [...] This is a novel you will be recommending to friends and family for some time to come.