— Jason's solutions —

Jason Lee from Bakersfield, CA, cracked the "printing series" cipher
on Feb. 5, 2007 at 4:02 PM PST.

The next day, on Feb. 6, 2007 at 4:52 PM PST, Jason cracked
the "printing number" cipher (see below).

The "printing series" on page 4 contains 19 groups of numbers, each group in the form A-B-C. The first number (A) refers to the chapter in the book, the second (B) refers to the word within that chapter, and the final number (C) refers to the letter within the word. If C is longer than the word B, then it's counted as a space, since a space always follows a word.

The solution: "The Golem is awaken".

2-14-2Ch.2, word 14, letter 2atT
4-4-2Ch.4, word 4, letter 2theh
5-7-2Ch.5, word 7, letter 2here!e
9-10-9Ch.9, word 10, letter 9medieval_ 
6-22-1Ch.6, word 22, letter 1gauntletG
4-6-2Ch.4, word 6, letter 2room.o
10-7-10Ch.10, word 7, letter 10industriall
4-4-3Ch.4, word 4, letter 3thee
4-6-4Ch.4, word 6, letter 4room.m
8-11-5Ch.8, word 11, letter 5yard_ 
9-10-4Ch.9, word 10, letter 4medievali
2-4-2Ch.2, word 4, letter 2ashens
2-11-9Ch.2, word 11, letter 9orphaned_ 
9-4-2Ch.9, word 4, letter 2wasa
11-7-1Ch.11, word 7, letter 1wasw
5-5-3Ch.5, word 5, letter 3wrapa
4-22-6Ch.4, word 22, letter 6unpackingk
9-3-5Ch.9, word 3, letter 5bunkere
11-9-6Ch.11, word 9, letter 6returningn

The "printing number" on the final page contains four numbers: 32 10 14 16. These numbers are the atomic numbers of four elements in the periodic table. The symbols of these elements spell out the code word: GENESIS.


Double congratulations, Jason!

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