Greenland 1942
Thule Bay map

During a polar night, a U.S. Rangers commando is sent to capture a remote Nazi base. Upon arrival, the Rangers discover that the German crew has been massacred and that the lone, fear-stricken survivor hallucinates about ghosts in the snow.

Greenland map
The Rangers soon find out that they're not alone in the base and that they're confronted with a faceless, deadly force which can breathe life into non-living matter.
Is the force real? Is it a polar night mirage? Or is it really coming from... within?
Find out what dark mystery lies hidden in the Arctic snow.
ancient script

Part of the story involves the decipherment of an ancient script. To complement this plotline, the book itself contains a number of ciphers. Each chapter opens with a short passage in the ancient script. Like a crossword puzzle, the decipherment of the messages hidden in the book is left as a challenge to the reader.
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